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Grantus founder, Simon Coutts

Simon Coutts

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Founder and Director Simon Coutts worked extensively in local government and public sector utilities before committing to Grantus full-time in 2019.

Simon has worked across all areas of government agencies, from operational, technical, projects, communications, governance, management and strategy. With postgraduate qualifications in International Relations, International Environmental Law, Corporate Governance and Risk Management, Simon has a strong command of political and bureaucratic processes.

More importantly, he knows how to work within these systems to deliver meaningful public benefit outcomes. 

Simon’s speciality is the strategic leveraging of funding through feasibility studies, business cases and funding submissions. 

Having a relaxed leadership style, Simon can easily switch from presenting to Board Directors to coordinating teams of engineers or fronting community forums. 

Simon sits on several government governance committees as an independent member. 

In his spare time, he can often be found running, climbing mountains or surfing.

Grantus works across various environmental, social & economic disciplines & for diverse industries. Where required, Grantus partners with other boutique & specialist consultancies for their technical support.