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Core Focus Areas

business case


Our speciality is writing feasibility studies and developing business case for the public sector. We help businesses win grants and tenders and any other challenges you have with red tape.



Governance, risk, stakeholder engagement or project management for infrastructure projects. Our focus is the feasibility to project approval and funding stages.


Regional & a sustainable focus!

We love to work regionally on projects that promote social enterprises, community benefits and leaves our environment in a better state.

Grant us success

Grantus Founded by Simon Coutts, we are independent of government but specialise in working with them. Simon has over 20 years’ experience working on funding submissions and across operational, technical, corporate and project management fields within government agencies.  Available on short notice, for short term projects or organisational assignments, we will move things along for you. Located in the Ballarat, Victoria, we prioritise working with local clients, but we work predominately remotely so can help you whether you may be. 

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